Michigan Wind Damage Repair Experts

High winds can knock down trees and power lines causing all kids of damage to your property as well as and tearing shingles off your roof. Roofs are designed to be able handle the typical wind loads of their location, but there are extreme winds that no roofing can withstand. Though it may sometimes be invisible, the damage from excessively strong winds can be detrimental. Modern roofing shingles are much better designed to handle roof resistance than their predecessors. But there still isn’t much that can be done to prevent wind damage to your roof.

If damaging winds hit and your property and you need immediate repairs, call our Michigan wind damage specialists. 1-844-EMERGENCY | 1-844-363-7436 We’ll take care of the problem thoroughly and accurately. Select Restoration can handle the entire restoration process, from emergency response and damage mitigation, through cleanup, reconstruction and your insurance claim. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to expedite the insurance process and get you through it smoothly so your life can get back on track as soon as possible.

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24 Hour Emergency Crews are Ready to Assist with Storm Damage Cleanup Mitigation

Our crews will mitigate damage and secure your property until permanent repairs can be made. Our experts take immediate action to help secure your property and help prevent further damage. Marked mobile emergency vehicles respond with electrical generators, materials, tools & supplies, large tarps, and more!

  • Replacing damaged or missing roof shingles and siding. If high winds have torn loose roof shingles or siding, we can patch in new materials to restore the appearance and functionality of your property. Select Restoration can match and repair most of your roof shingles and siding.
  • Tarp protection. We offer 24/7 roof tarp services, we are ready to cover a damaged roof with a “right-sized” tarp to provide temporary protection from the weather.
  • Board up repairs. Wind damage that has broken skylights and windows or broken through roofs or sidewalls often calls for emergency board up repair work. We often combine board up repairs with temporary tarp protection.
  • Repairing damaged roofs and siding. Instead of calling in a different contractor to repair roof damage and replace damaged siding, check with Select Restoration first. Our certified Owens Corning technicians can make a wide range of roof repairs and siding repairs quickly and affordably, from patching holes to installing new roof shingles and siding.
Wind Damage Structural Reconstruction Services

To begin, Select Restoration will provide a full assessment of the structural damage to your Michigan wind damaged property to determine what can be repaired and what needs to be removed and reconstructed. Once the structural damage assessment is completed, we will draw up plans, obtain necessary building permits and submit the required information to the proper building department and submit your plans to the insurance company for payment. Once these steps have been taken, we will begin the structural reconstruction process to restore your home or business to its original pre-loss condition.

Our wind damage reconstruction services include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial structural reconstruction
  • Industrial structural reconstruction
  • Residential structural reconstruction
  • Foundation repair and reconstruction
  • Roofing / Shingles / Siding
  • Framing
  • Reconstruction and Remodeling
  • Fire Water Storm Damage Restoration Specialists

Our qualified project managers have proper training, certification, and experience to oversee your structural reconstruction project and get your property to pre-loss condition—or better. Timely response to your disaster may allow us to stabilize the building, minimizing structural damage, meaning less costly and quicker repairs. If you have experienced structural damage at your home or business, or need help with your insurance claim contact us immediately!

Wind Damage Repair MI

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